Sights and Sounds of Taughannock in Transition

As we sat at Liquid State enjoying some takeout Thai last night during the MONSOON, I thought, “Huh, I bet Taughannock is going to be pretty cool in the morning.” I was right. Yesterday’s high temperature was in the low 60s. As the front moved through overnight, torrential rains saturated the already-wet ground. At some point, the temperature became cold enough to make some snow.

Towering trees over a snowy trail

The few inches of overnight snow clung festively to the trees and dusted the trail under my feet.

Photo Credit: Kathey MacQueen

As I was hiking the base trail, my wife Amy enjoyed a rim trail hike with Kathey MacQueen. Kathey took this beautiful picture of the upper falls.

From the stream bed near the main waterfall

I carefully descended to the stream bed just below the falls to capture the raging water up close. I was more fascinated with the roots clinging to the shoreline.

The bigger show was likely overnight when the water was even higher. Here you can see how high the water was: it’s at least a foot higher than it was this morning.

Beautiful Taughannock.

All along the way I took short snippets of video. Here’s the result: enjoy the sights and sounds of Taughannock. Her stream bed is behaving like fall or spring, yet the woods are filled with winter.

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