Taughannock Falls State Park

Grassroots, Rain and a Farmer's Gratitude

It's been really dry here for the last month. Taughannock Falls told the story well with a wispy veil of water just weeks ago. As past experience tells us, though, the surest way of getting out of a drought is to bring the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival to town! The four-day festival with 70+ bands and thousands of fans just wrapped up at the Trumansburg Fairgrounds. Right on schedule, the weather changed from warm and dry to humid and stormy about halfway through the festival. While the music drove people to sway and groove, the rain spurred Taughannock to life once more.

Sweet Land Farm's owner, Paul, said it best in our weekly farm email (we love our Community Supported Agriculture!)

Once again Grassroots brings the rain and we definitely needed it! It's a real relief to take a break from irrigating, and irrigating is not a perfect substitute for rain. We are very thankful for the rain we are getting.

It was blissfully dry in the sky during this morning's run on the Black Diamond. I couldn't escape the humidity, though, and finished with soaked shirt and shorts as if it had been raining. Ah, upstate New York. You do love your summertime humidity!