Save the Date: First Day Hike

Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

Start off the New Year by making a healthy resolution you will love to keep: a breath-taking hike at Taughannock Falls. Join the Finger Lakes State Parks staff for a hike down and back on the Gorge Trail! If you are up for more of a challenge you can continue up to the Overlook on the North Rim trail, across to the Multi-use trails and then make your way back to the parking lot. Plan on being outside for at least 2 hours (more if you hike all 5 miles), please dress for the weather, bring water and wear appropriate footwear. We will meet at the start of the Gorge Trail by NYS Route 89.

Source: NYS Parks

Moonrise Hike

Summer hikes are particularly nice in the early morning or late evening, before and after larger groups of visitors come to the park. Last night was one such evening. We hit the trail at 8:15 p.m., after the heat of the day had passed and just before dusk descended. As we crested the South Rim, the full moon rose through the trees to our left, casting wonderful shafts of moonlight across the darkening trail. With nobody else around, the sounds of animals in the woods to our left and water cascading to our right was surreal. We arrived back at our car a short hour after we started, renewed and refreshed just before dusk turned to night.