Morning Glory

I started off my morning with a trail run out and back on the Black Diamond Trail. Starting with a warm up from the overlook parking lot gave me a chance to take in the nature around me before a good effort on flatter terrain. Upon returning, the overlook was a beautiful place to catch my breath. The sun drenched the north edge of the gorge, ducks flew through the air, and the only other sounds around me were those of my own relaxed breathing and footfalls.

The Many Faces of Taughannock: Stan Stewart

My good friend Stan Stewart shares my affinity for Taughannock Falls. He writes that it’s one of his favorite places to visit. Just this past week, he saw a group of people setting up for a marriage proposal at the overlook! Check out his post about Taughannock Falls, and a link at the bottom of his page for a photo album of some of the fantastic pictures he’s taken there! He also has a fantastic post from 2017 showing the seasonality of the park, and the dramatic variations of water flow.

Cover photo by Stan Stewart. Used with permission.

Leaves On the Way

The leaves seem to be coming out slowly this year, which means you can still see a lot more of the gorge from the rim trail than usual. At least that’s how it feels! The Black Diamond Trail also seems rather exposed since there’s no rich canopy overhead to provide shade. The feature picture above is from the North Rim, looking down into the gorge and onto the base trail.

Below, you can see a unique view of the lip of Taughannock Falls from ABOVE the waterfall. Looking beyond the lip, you can also make out people standing at the end of the base trail, looking up at Taughannock Falls (click the image for a super-close look). Not the greatest picture I’ve ever taken with a phone (and everything is still a shade of brown in the gorge), but a very cool perspective, indeed.

Sunny Mist

Warmer temperatures are bringing a lot of people out to see the falls, as the base trail today had more than its usual amount of traffic. Once I reached the falls shortly after noon, I was treated to a beautiful view of sun-soaked mist!

Rim Trail Stairs Open!

A sure sign of winter’s departure: the park has opened the stairs on the north rim trail, and the bottom half of the north rim trail. Now you can circumnavigate the rim without stepping out onto Gorge Road or the camp road. Happy hiking!

Ice in the Eddy

This morning’s base trail hike was cold, without a soul in sight. The eddies at the bottom of of the first waterfall near the parking lot were so mesmerizing, I just had to take a time lapse. Those chunks of ice really want to form a disc. I know they do!

A very active waterfall

This weather is making me dizzy! Extreme cold, uncharacteristic heat, snow followed by rain followed by snow? One thing is for sure, though: when the snow disappears from the yard, it makes for a very active waterfall.

From Spring to Winter in 24 Hours

Taughannock is chipping away at the mountain of snow and ice at its base, obscured by the fog and mist but there nonetheless.
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One more video, after 24 hours and a dramatic change back to winter. The water hasn’t gotten the memo yet, but it will! The last half of the video is from the upper trailhead and South Rim trail. Unfortunately the base trail is closed!
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